Friday, September 5, 2014

Cyprus Top Flowers Delivery l Send Top Flowers in Cyprus With Price

Red Rose & Big Teddy flowers delivery in Cyprus
Red Rose & Big Teddy flowers delivery in Cyprus.
Price: €51.31
Send this Sweet cuddly white Teddy to your sweetheart on a special occasion to deliver 12 red roses, all your love and a cuddle. This delivery teddy will stay on with her to remind her of the sweet moment and the fact that she is loved and cherished.Flower Delivery Cyprus can help you with this difficult task of keeping in touch with your relatives and friends in Cyprus.

Asiatic And Stargazer Lilies delivery in Cyprus
 Asiatic And Stargazer Lilies delivery in Cyprus.
Price:  €52.44
Flowers Delivery Cyprus can easily help you with any floral needs you have in Cyprus. Flowers Delivery Cyprus can deliver to any location in Cyprus and send you an email confirmation once your gift is delivered. This way you will have peace of mind knowing that the job is done. 3 White Asiatic Lilies, 3 Stargazer Lilies, Waxflowers.