Thursday, August 14, 2014

Germany Car Quotes / Germany Octopus Quotes

Germany Car Quotes and Museum
Germany Car Quotes.
The section which I liked the most is the section of the concept cars.These Cars can not be seen on the roads as of now but it may be seen future. These cars are the result of different researches on design. I was Surprised to see this concept car in the picture.

Germany octopus animal quotes
 Germany octopus animal quotes.
The term "ecology" was invented in Germany in the nineteenth Century by the pioneering zoologist Ernst Haeckel. Via his widely influential writings and lectures, Haeckel elaborated a holistic view of man's symbiotic relationship with the natural world. To Haeckel, and those who followed his philosophy of "Monism", natural laws governed the workings of the natural world and human civilization alike. Haeckel and others of his philosophical school taught respect for nature and preached conservation.