Saturday, August 16, 2014

Christmas Ornaments Germany / Christmas Ornament Market Tour In Germany

Germany Ornaments Market Tour and pictures
2015 Christmas Market Tour Germany.
Germany and Austria have contributed many of the elements that we consider a “natural” part of the Christmas celebration.The tradition of the Christmas Tree began in Germany in the 18th century.Join us for both tours and you will receive complimentary airfare from Berlin to Vienna, your hotel stay for December 8 as well as complimentary transfers from Vienna airport to hotel. This is a savings of $300 per person!We are pleased to present to you our lovely, handpainted pewter ornaments by Willhelm Schweizer of Germany.

Golden Bear Blown Glass Ornament in Germany
 Golden Bear Blown Glass Ornament ~ Germany.

German Christmas would be complete without the whimsical wooden hand made ornaments, represented here by Christian Ulbricht. But there are other Christmas items we take for granted that have their origins in German Europe.Although the glass balls you use to decorate your tree may have been manufactured in China, Mexico, the USA, or elsewhere, the originals were invented in Germany.