Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Nice girls Jolie,Angelina Jolie,Angelina Jolie new,Hollywood Angelina Jolie,Image for Angelina Jolie,Super star Angelina Jolie,Angelina Jolie photos,image & pictures.Every body knows about of Hollywood star actress Angelina Jolie.The Angelina Jolie was born On 4 June 1975(age 37) in Los Angeles,California,U.S.Actually The Angelina Jolie citizenship is United States Cambodia,Sarajevo,(honorary).TheAngelina Jolie mainOccupation is Actress,director,write,producer,Humanitarian.Angelina Jolie is American actress and wife of Hollywood superstar Bradpitt and daughter of actors Jon Voight Micheline Bertrand.The Angelina Jolie is a famous in the Hollywood.Most of films published to Angelina Jolie.The Angelina Jolie brother is James Haven and his uncle is Chip Taylor.

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